‘Forest Binary’ is perfect for our age where cultural fragmentation seems to be rife…

The Fragmented Flâneur (To read the full review click here)

…is the name of a group project iniated by Athenean drummer/producer Gustav Penka. The first record, released on Fortune Cut Records in January 2020, is the result of several live improvisations, recorded in PiGi Studio by Gustav himself, edited into a 37 minutes long stream of conclusive madness.

We’ve got a second record ready that is going to be released in the course of 2021 (What a dystopic sounding year date…).

Current lineup:

  • Marius Mathiszik – guitar, samples, loops, FX
  • Dimitris Kalousis – vinyl sampling, FX
  • Dave De Rose – Bass
  • Gustav Penka – Drums

First record, digitally available on Fortune Cut Records (Vinyl sold out)