Out now: II

…a really captivating album, full of unexpected charms. If you enjoy serendipity, you’ll enjoy this.

Garreth Brooke / a closer listen

Reverberating melodies from the lush sounds of guitar occasionally infused with a future world of electronic beats and fanfare. These selections hold listeners in a richly woven world of euphonious manna. Inoculating tranquility with playful sonic canine named glitchy holding youthful attention.

Lost in a Sea of Sound

This is the new Jan Matiz album I have been working on for a long, long time. It started with an initial phase of intense writing and composing in autumn 2017, in a lonely house on the country side of Groningen, The Netherlands. It is available now digitally and as a highly limited edition cassette with hand-painted linen sleeves, designed by Katerina Rotoli.

Jan Matiz (2016)

The first record, published in 2016, can be seen as a testament to my personal line of abstractionism. Melodies are encrypted, there is non- functional-harmony(in the classic sense). The playing is largely rubato.
Reverberating a certain period of life I went through while developing the material , the timbre of the record is dark and the focus lies radically on the pure resonance of the instrument.

The selftitled album is available digitally and on vinyl as well:

Some videos from the record: