…is the name of my solo project. I take the space here to explore new imaginatives of contemporary guitar composition both on acoustic and electric.

The first record, published in 2016, can be seen as a testament to my personal line of abstractionism. Melodies are encrypted, there is non- functional-harmony(in the classic sense). The playing is largely rubato.
Reverberating a certain period of life I went through while developing the material , the timbre of the record is dark and the focus lies radically on the pure resonance of the instrument.

The selftitled album is available digitally and on vinyl as well:

Some videos from the record:


I just finished my work on the second album which is scheduled to be released early 2023. This time I am going to blend minimalist acoustic compositions with beats, hand-fabricated samples and noise. It’s gonna be different and exciting, so stay tuned!